Travelogue: Day 4

Nov 23, 2010

Day 4

Today (19/11/2010) is my fourth day of induction. Start from today, we were divided into our own department. For front office department we will report to Mr Azizi(supervisor) and Miss Azlinita as our Head of Department. Today’s activity is free and easy. Nothing much we do today. Miss Azlinita explained the standard operating procedures (SOP) of our job. In this department we have 7 receptionists and 3 bellmen. They are Umie, Aini, Azie, Za, Daniel, Hazry, Hadrian, Iman and Park Lee(Faszly).

Referring Miss Azlinita, our front office will use IFCA system. This is a hotel management system. However for six month of our operation, we will use manual system. Since then, Miss Azlinita asked me to find out any important document needed in front office department. Since I have an experience as a receptionist before, I have some of the copy of those documents. 


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