Travelogue: Day 7

Nov 25, 2010

Day 7


Today(24/10/2010) is my seventh day of working. Today I start at 2 pm. At quarter past 2 I have a briefing by Mr Andrew(CEO) and Mr Jahri(HR EXEC). This is quite a long briefing. I think this is a seminar instead of brifing. Too long and we are shivering staying inside a 'cold room'. We cannot adjust the temperature of the room. It's to cold. 

However, my first impression on Mr Andrew is; he is a smart and good boss. Not a fussy guy or arrogant. Overall, he is okay for me. Same as Mr Jahri. Today, i worked with Hadrian. Since we work at evening shift, we got new experience, handling guest complaints, understanding the nature of hotel services and many more. It is a great day. 


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