Travelogue: Day 1

Nov 17, 2010

Day 1

Today(15/11/2010) I’m starting my career as a hotelier.  You want to know my position? Urmmm…just a small position..RECEPTIONIST.. yes..i’m a receptionist. You wanna see my proof. Okay…let’s see this…

Look I’m not lying okay. I’m really a receptionist. Actually I’m not apply for this position. Based on my degree, I have applied as an assistant front office supervisor. But then Mr Azman(interviewer) told me that I did not have sufficient experience, so, he suggest me to work as a receptionist first. If I’m work well he will promote me to other better position.

Since today is my first day, I’m sleep early and wake up early in the morning. I’m not supposed to be late for my first day. Again, when i'm at a new place it is really difficult for me to get along with others. Yeah..Mr Shy Guy...But.. i'm still trying to get fit with others. None of them are my friends. So, i have to find somebody to be my friend. I hope, day to day i will be able to be friend with them.

For this week, we(new staff) will go for a training or induction. A bit introduction about the management of the hotel, hotel facilities, room rates, and so forth. On the evening session we do Poco-Poco and and sing a song. What song? Huhuhu...Felda song anthem..SEMAI BAKTI..we have to memorize this song. Owh.. so difficult to memorize it. You wanna hear that.

So. How was it. Nice song, is it. Opss.Where is the song. I upload it later on okay. My internet quite slow tonight. Bye..that is the end of our first day of working(training actually)


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