Travelogue: Day 6

Nov 24, 2010

Day 6


Today(23/111/2010) is my sixth day of working. Nothing much to do today. Mr Azizi and Ms Azlinita teach us how to fill up reservation slip and registration form. He told me to do some mock up reservation call and i did it. Besides that, today i'm helping the other friends clean up the front office magazine rack and mini board. Quite a simple task but since this is a new hotel and there is no water supply yet so we have to use anything to settle our task. Mr Iman use his 'kain buruk' that he take it from his car and i just use old paper.

After cleaning...and that is the result.....

Created by Hazry
Since there is nothing to do today, here is some of the bored and joyful faces...

Hazry fall asleep. Too bored maybe...

Look quite happy

Daniel feel sleepy

Ermmm...that is the end of the sixth day. Tomorrow i'll work at 2.00 pm because Mr Andrew will come here and i'll work at night shift.


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