Travelogue: Day 3

Nov 19, 2010

Day 3


Today(18/11/2010) is my third day of induction. We have a lot of joy today and be young and childish again. Our management organized games. The first game is choir competition. We got the last place for this game. Then followed by dancing competition. Again we are the looser. Hahaha. Third, pop quiz. The question is about the hotel facilities and management. Yeahh...we won this game and the last game is treasure hunt. We got the last place for this game. Ermmm...i'm so happy today.

I got new friends, getting much closer with them. I've been talk to Shahrul(general cleaner), he is very smart, clear with his vision, and I think he will get what his aim to be. Then I make friends with Faizal. Coincidently, I talk to him on one of the game that we gone through. Yeah. his quite chubby and very happy go lucky. I like be with him. He is a recreational attendant. Besides that, there are other friend i knew through this induction. I'll tell later okay..


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