Oct 29, 2012



I got a big problem. I hate it. Oh My God please help me. I have to do it not because i want it but when you've done something 'bad at the back' and there's somebody cover what you've done you got no choice when that person ask for your help later. This is what we called termakan budi. When it getting worse, top management knew that. You've been trapped and you cannot run anymore. You've to face it. You create the problem so you've to solve it.

The problem is people around me scolded me, they point finger to me, seems that I'm the one who done the mistake, always cover the others problem till it getting worse. They do it too but they pretend not doing that. So I'm the one who admit the mistake have to face all this thing. Somebody urge me to stop from doing that mistake. Stop helping that person. For me it is not fair when that person ask for help, I didn't help him/her but to others I'm still doing that. Is that fair. Bullshit if you called it being fair. 

Almost a month I'm not doing that mistake again but since the management knew that, I've been under supervision. This is not fair for me. They do it too but you don't know that. Oh My God, I've done a big mistake, not even a year working I've been trapped in this problem. I'm not sure my luck for next year either they will continue my contract or not. 

Ya Allah, I admit my mistake, please show me the way out. Please...


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